Dedicated Servers and IDC Pricing

🔷 As Google has a very important IDC Center here in central of

      Taiwan to provide their services to people not only Asia but also

      world wide, our IDC centers are just 50 mins away from Google's.

🔷 We have famous companies like WTFast using our IDC services as

      one of the important nodes of their global MMO Game Private

      Network for Asia region.

🔷 Taiwan as a service hub and node is very import not only to Google

      but also presence and footprint for your business!

🔷 Our IDC services is based on the largest IDC centers with biggest

      international broadband bandwidth (> 1400G) directly connecting
      to major countries like USA, Hong Kong, Sigapore, Japan and UK
      provided by ChangHwa Telecomm. (CHT) in Taiwan.

🔷 Three portions for the pricing of our IDC services (1. Dedicated

       server + 2. Rack + 3. Enterprise broadband, choosing

       either Shared or Dedicated one)  :

       1. Dedicated server : USD 60/month

          Dell PowerEdge 1950 3rd Gen. as spec. (or equivalent) below :

               E5450 (four cores) x 2 CPU,

               16G RAM, 

               SAS 147G x 2 RAID1, 

               Gigabit Ethernet port x 2,

               DRAC - Remote Access, 

               Dual Power Supplies,


          Note : higher or different server spec. are available with 

                      different pricing (Please contact us for more details). 

       2. 1U rack : USD 80/month

       3. 50M/50M or above unmetered enterprise 

           broadband :

           3.1 Shared 50M/50M or above enterprise broadband

                depending on traffic and number of sharing with other

                parties such as cloud service providers : 

                   4 IPs : USD 390/month ;

                   8 IPs : USD 700/month ;

                   16 IPs : USD 1400/month

          (One additional IP is also provided for remote access besides
          from above IPs)

            3.2 Dedicated 100M/100M enterprise broadband


                   32 IPs : USD 2500/month (only 29 IPs are available to use)

      Note 1 : other broadband speed are available, please contact us for
                     more details.

      Note 2 : there is additional one time set up fee for USD 100.

🔷 The availability for dedicated server with needed enterprise  

      broadband and rack space will be around two weeks after receiving


🔷 The leasing needs to be at least one year and pay monthly in 

      advance via PayPal by 25th of each month for the following month

      due to Paypal handling and processing time.